About Me

I have spent the last 17 years immersed in the technology sector. From my current position working for St. Charles Consulting Group as an Office 365/SharePoint Consultant, to my time spent as the Executive Director at Ridge Stone Church; the one resounding theme has been Information Technology and how it interacts with the people who use it.

Although nearly 2 decades of experience has allowed me to witness several aspects of the technical sector, the last 4 years have been focused on Microsoft’s SharePoint platform and more recently Office 365. As well as specializing in SharePoint (Both Installation and Upgrade) I have extensive experience in the products that are used in the development and deployment of this platform. These packages include SP Designer, InfoPath, Windows Server platform, and the desktop or mobile devices that are used to access them.

Through my experience working with top level companies, and the enterprise class solutions that drive them, I have a unique ability to provide my clients with targeted strategies that provide results. These strategies are built on specifics drawn from the client’s assessed needs, and built from my knowledge of how these packages can be effectively deployed. Through this approach the resulting answer is superior system design that is tailored to that client, ultimately providing quality and satisfaction.


Office 365; SharePoint 2007/2010; Active Directory; Windows Server; Exchange Server; Windows XP; Windows XP, 7, 8; Office 2007/2010; TCP/IP

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