Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Lead by Example

Change- books have been devoted to it, classes presented about it yet it still continues to be challenging. Many times the use of SharePoint means a change of sorts. Change of how data is accessed, where data is stored and how data is presented. From a SharePoint Consultant stand point this change is good but to many users it is different and slow to be embraced.

I wish I had a magic formula or 5 easy steps to get user adoption. That may come in time but the first step in my opinion is to lead by example.

Do you want users to utilize a new SharePoint list? You utilize it first. Do you want users to use My Site? You setup and utlize yours first. I have seen many cases where solutions are created but the SharePoint team never utilizes the solutions to address their own challenges.

If we can create a user base that asks and demands new SharePoint solutions, the adoption process is something that takes care of itself - we have other issues to address then.

I must get back to work now..... I have a My Site to setup.

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