Sunday, April 01, 2012

Connecting to Shared One Note Notebook

In my last post, I covered how to share a One Note notebook via SharePoint in Office 365. Our consulting group was tasked with upgrading a major client system. We needed to thoroughly document our client meetings and One Note was our tool of choice. After the meetings any other meeting attendees could add needed information (provided they had access).

Now back to our subject, how do users connect to a shared One Note notebook?
2    Navigate to the Office 365 Team Site Document Library where the One Note notebook is located.

Hover to the right of the document name until the down arrow appears and select Edit in Microsoft One Note:

3 An Office 365 login screen will appear, enter your username and password:

4.       The notebook now opens in One Note
5.       If several users have made changes to the One Note notebook, it will be denoted on the right hand side of the page. In this case the blue line represents entries by my account the LA represents entries by my co-worker:

6.       If One Note is not installed locally, then select the View in Browser (or Edit in Browser) option to use the Office Web Client. Please Note the ability to view or edit in Office Web Apps is dependent on the version of Office 365 that is being utilized. That is a blog subject for another day.

That’s it; you are now connected to the Shared One Note notebook collaborating on notes. Stay tuned for a brief overview of versioning using this solution.

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