Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Office 365 Change Account Suffix

Taking a break today from the mobility subject - will return to that on the next posts. I just wanted to pass along a fairly common issue and how to resolve it in regards to Office 365 Account/Domain Suffix.

A user signs up for Office 365 and has all of their DNS information (for the purpose of this blog, we will say: johnventry.com). When registering for Office 365, an administrative account is created with the suffix of johnventry.onmicrosoft.com.

This blog will not document the DNS changes to be made, but let’s just say those changes are completed.  Now, we want to use our domain (example.com) as opposed to example.onmicrosoft.com for login purposes (and email purposes as well).

In the upper left hand corner of the Admin Page, select your domain name (john ventry.com here):


On the next screen, select Edit:


Select the drop down list next to Primary Verified Domain and select the non onmicrosoft.com selection:

Select Ok (in the lower right hand corner):

 Now all of the user accounts created from this point forward will have the new suffix.

Happy Computing!

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