Friday, April 20, 2012

SharePoint Team Site Mobility

Accessing data offsite via phone, tablet or laptop is now the norm. In Office 365, the SharePoint Team Site can be accessed utilizing any of these technologies. However, functionality varies based on the device. My Android phone has a much more limited experience than my iPad.

Mobility in and of itself is neither a business case nor a strategy. The first question to ask is what is the business need? Has an employee or group of employees requested remote access to data stored on the SharePoint team site? If so, why do they need remote access for that? In most cases there are justifiable reasons to warrant researching mobile access further but a coolness factor is not one of those reasons.

In future blog posts, I will examine the user experience via an Android Phone, Android Tablet, and an iPad. Before we go down the path of mapping out a mobile strategy, we need to identify the problem we are trying to solve. That is the purpose of technology anyway – solving business issues and making the business run better.

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