Saturday, May 26, 2012

Adventures in 5000 Item List - SharePoint Office 365

Earlier this week, I blogged about the 5,000 item limit in a SharePoint Document Library within Office 365. Today I am going to document my experience with a SharePoint list when it grows to over 5,000 items.

First, I created a list with 4,999 items and notice how it displays correctly within a web part on my SharePoint home page.

Now, I go and add 2 more items in my list to put the total above 5,000.

The list web part still displays properly on the home page.

I increased the list to over 6,000 items and I have had no issues with the list view web part on the home page. Continued to increase to over 10,000 items and the list continued to work properly.

So it appears from  my experience that the list works properly - as long as the view is less than 5,000 items everything works properly.

I would definitely be interested in hearing from those with other experience on this.


Anonymous said...

Have you tried other operations besides just adding items? For example creating new columns or new views?

John Ventry said...

I have tried the views approach on the document library and it didn't work. I did not pursue other columns as adding metadata might help. I found that adding folders or doc sets allowed me to overcome the 5,000 item limit with no issues (as long as I keep each doc set and folder at 5,000 items or less)