Thursday, May 10, 2012

Office 365 Team Site Mobile Device

A couple of weeks ago, I started a blog series focusing in on Office 365 and mobile devices. The purpose of this series is to demonstrate how an Office 365 Team Site looks on a mobile device and what features are available. As the first installment, I am going to examine how a Team Site looks on an iPad with the focus being the Document Library functionality.

First, this is how the Team Site looks on a PC:

Here is a Document Library with the drop down list of features:

Now, let's look at the same Team Site from an iPad - please note this is being viewed on an iPad 1 utilizing the built in Safari browser:

The look and feel of the team site are identical. Here is a screen shot when going into the Document Library.

The same drop down menu choices as on a PC are displayed, however not all of the options work. When attempting to Edit in Microsoft Word, this error message is received.

A document can be Checked Out from an iPad and then Discard the Check Out and Check the Document back in:

The Office Web App allowed for the viewing of a Word document on the iPad (Please note that this is a pretty basic Word document, so Web App functionality will vary based on the document):

Finally, the Document Properties can be Viewed and Modified (with the proper permission level):
 The next few blog posts will continue to focus on mobility in regards to Lists and Calendar functionality. In addition, the site will be displayed on Android devices as well.

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