Tuesday, August 21, 2012

SharePoint Announcement Web Part - Permanent Announcement

In my last post, I introduced the SharePoint Announcement web part. A question was posed to me asking how to make a permanent or "sticky" announcement always appear at the top of the Announcement list. This post will address that question and propose a solution.

First, I have an Announcement web part on my Office 365 SharePoint home page:

The goal is to have the first announcement (which is titled "Test Announcement - always be first") to always be displayed first in the Announcement list. By default, the Announcement list sorts in order of the newest announcement first.

To create this solution, go to the Announcements list, select List at the top on the Ribbon tool bar and then select List Settings (on the far right of the screen):

For this solution, a new column is going to be added titled "First".
To add this column look nder the Columns header, select Create Column:

A column name must be entered, which in this case is "First":

For the type of column, select Yes/No:

I set the default value to No and leave the Add to default view selection checked:

Select Ok:

Now, return to the page where the Announcement web part is located. On the right side of the web part, select the down arrow and select Edit Web Part:

Select Edit the current view (there are other ways to modify the view but for today this approach will be utilized):

Under the Sort selection, change the First Sort Order to be by First and Show items in descending order:

Then sort by Modified in descending order:

Then select Ok (at the very top or bottom of the page):

Here is a screen shot of the current Announcements:

I will add another Announcement titled "Announcement 6" and then 2 more announcements:

Please note that when adding an Announcement, there is a check box titled First. Select this checkbox for the announcement that needs to always be first:

Now the capability exists to have a permanent first or "sticky" announcement.

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