Wednesday, September 12, 2012

How the Cloud Can Bring Sunshine

Every day it happens – a computer refuses to boot and another hard drive crashes. Over the past week, I have deal with two such incidents and it reminded me of how things have changed for the better in the computer industry.
Back in the day, so to speak, reinstalling a computer and getting all of the old data off of a crashed computer was an ordeal (for both the user and technician). First, the installation CD’s would have to be found and then finding the installation source for all of the programs.  However, the cloud has changed all of that.
Thanks to Office 365 and SkyDrive a computer crash doesn’t mean the end of the world. I had my computer user up and running in less than an hour! Sure, the operating system has to be reinstalled but after that all of the necessary data was in the cloud. Office installation – cloud, user files – cloud.
With the next version of Office 365 on the horizon and the connection with Sky Drive improving, my life will be even easier. A business of any size wants to minimize down time and Office 365 definitely addresses that challenge.

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