Thursday, September 06, 2012

Office 365 SharePoint Survey Part 2

In my post earlier this week, I went through how to create a SharePoint Survey. Now that the survey is created, there are several options that may provide beneficial and enable us to secure the data.

To access the Survey options, navigate to the survey -> select Settings -> Survey Settings:

Next, select Advanced Settings:

There are several important options here. First, what responses can be read by the users – just the responses the user created or can they read all responses. The type of survey typically dictates this option. The second option determines if a user can create and edit responses that were created by themselves or any of the responses. Typically, the create responses and edit responses that were created by the user is the appropriate selection.
The second row of choices center around the survey results appearing in the search results. Most of the time the surveys that I created didn’t need to be seen by everybody, so I typically set this to No.
The next option allows for the survey to be downloaded to offline clients.
The final option allows for the survey questions to appear in a modal popup as opposed to just a normal looking SharePoint page.

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