Common SharePoint Issues - DataSheet View Not Working

Due to a series of SharePoint migrations, I have been out of the blogging world recently. These have completed and I plan on being able to actively participate in the Office 365 Community again. In my role, I have the opportunity to work with companies of all sizes ( from small business to enterprise). There are some common issues that I have come across no matter the organization size, so I thought I would begin documentint some of these "common" issues.

Issue:  DataSheet view tab not working (greyed out):


The users in this case are using Internet Explorer as the web browser of choice. Note: Internet Explorer is the recommended web browser. Not that Google Chrome or Firefox cannot be used but for all features to work properly, Internet Explorer is recommended.
Troubleshooting: Have the user check which version of Internet Explorer is being utilized to see if it is 64 bit. In the version of Internet Explorer I am utilizing, there is an options icon in the far right hand corner, select that and then select About Internet Explorer from the drop down list :

The About Internet Explorer dialogue box is displayed:
Please note in the version - 64Bit Edition is being utilized. Datasheet view does not work with 64 bit edition of Internet Explorer.
Solution: Ensure that the user runs the 32 bit version of Internet Explorer to access SharePoint. One way to ensure it is 32 bit is to select the Start button and type iexplore and then press Enter. This will launch the 32 bit version of Internet Explorer.