Windows 8 Tablet

I'll admit it, I have been anxiously awaiting the new Microsoft Surface tablet. Other tablets have been tried - iPad and even Android but I need something to help me be more productive and those just didn't cut it (however if I needed to just fill time on a flight across the country, either would fit the bill).

The new Microsoft Surface tablet appealed to me because of the integration of Office (not to mention the cool looking keyboard/case).

Launch of the Surface is tomorrow and I have decided to ...... wait on purchasing a tablet.

I have been asking myself the hard questions such as what will I truly be doing with the Tablet. Mostly email responses, some Lync and basic communication. Given that criteria the RT version of the Surface will fit my needs. Yet, the price point feels too high for me. Not just the Microsoft Surface table price but also many of the competitors. The Dell Windows 8 tablet is pricey as well. At this price point, the tablets are encroaching on the price point of some of the lightweight laptops - with the laptops I get the full OS version, not just RT.

My understanding is that many new Windows 8 tablets will be released between now and January (not to mention that AMD has a tablet chip product being released in January). For now I wait and see. Not easy to do but given the uncertainty of the product offerings at this very moment (and the higher than anticipated price tag) - the right decision for me.


Steve said…
I completely agree. I would like to get one, but the price point is not right...especially for the initial release version.