Private Channels Sites

Recently, Microsoft released private channel functionality for Microsoft Teams. While providing a new collaboration method within Teams, it creates a bit of a challenge from an administrative point of view. Each private channel creates its own SharePoint site collection allowing for file sharing and fast provisioning. However, in the SharePoint Admin Center, the private channel sites are not currently displayed. That leaves PowerShell as the method to find the any SharePoint sites created by Teams private channels.

To list private channel sites, use the Connect-SPOService cmdlet to connect to SharePoint Online. More information on that cmdlet can be found here.

The Get-SPOSite cmdlet is used to find the private channel SharePoint sites:

Get-SPOSite -Template TeamChannel#0

To export the results to a CSV file, try this command

Get-SPOSite -Template TeamChannel#0 | Export-CSV -Path c:\files\teamchannel.csv

Hope this helps in locating these new sites in your tenant!