Thursday, January 20, 2011

Fax Solution

The number of email fax solutions available now seems a bit overwhelming. I had the opportunity this week to review some potential solutions. My choice was myfax. This was due to not only cost but also several other requirements.

What evaluation did I use to come to my decision?
First, is cost. How much is the monthly cost going to be? My decision isn't based solely on this alone but it is a major factor.
Second, what is support like? Is support easy to reach and available 24 hours?
Third, how many pages are included? Please be sure to note the number of pages incoming and outgoing. For my client, they would be sending a large number of faxes. Some other fax solutions only allowed 30 faxes to be sent on a monthly basis and this number was too small for our needs. Many of the solutions grant a total number of pages that can be any combination of send or receive. Just be sure to evaluate this carefully and see if it fits your organizational needs. Also note the overage costs as well.

The great news is that now there are more options than ever before. There are plently of cost effecient solutions out there. Do your homework and pick the best one that works for you.

Thursday, January 13, 2011


As mobile devices and mobile apps become more prevalent in today’s business, standardization is something to consider now, not later. What mobile apps will be used for what solution and what level of support can be provided? Case in point, a business that I am consulting with needs for mileage of its sales staff to submit its mileage. There are many applications out there that do this and I am working with them on selecting one solution for their entire staff. This makes support and training much easier.

On the flip side, new software is being released constantly. We want to be sure that we are utilizing the best solutions so a solution review will be needed as well.

How best to get the data to each device and organize the applications for my client is my next challenge.