Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Continued Adventures in Office 365 SharePoint Document Library 5,000 Item Limit

After my last post discussing my experience with the 5,000 item limit in a SharePoint Document Library on Office 365, I decided to do some further testing. The final resolution that I found to have over 5,000 items in a SharePoint Document Library in Office 365 was to create folders.

For the next test, I decided to see what would happen if I put over 5,000 items in one of the folders.

In the folder in my Document Library, I added over 5,000 items and now this page displays when I open the folder:

I know the folder is not empty because I added over 5,000 items to it. Here is the screen that displays when I open the folder within the Document Library:

To work around this, I created a view with a maximum of 450 item limit and I still received an error.

Very frustrating..... Finally, I found a work around.

First, go to the Library tab and select Create View.
Second, select Standard View
Third, create the view by giving it a name - however 2 options must be set

The Folders option needs to be changed to Show All Items Without Folders:

Then, the Item Limit needs to be changed to Limit the Total Number of Items Returned to the Specified Amount (any number below 5,000 - keep in mind that the larger this number is the more challenging it can be to work with the library):

Now, files can be deleted to get the item count below 5,000. The trick is to know file names in the folder. The files are then placed in the Recycle Bin.

Hopefully this helps some to get access to their Office 365 SharePoint data after the limit has been exceeded.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Adventures in 5000 Item List - SharePoint Office 365

Earlier this week, I blogged about the 5,000 item limit in a SharePoint Document Library within Office 365. Today I am going to document my experience with a SharePoint list when it grows to over 5,000 items.

First, I created a list with 4,999 items and notice how it displays correctly within a web part on my SharePoint home page.

Now, I go and add 2 more items in my list to put the total above 5,000.

The list web part still displays properly on the home page.

I increased the list to over 6,000 items and I have had no issues with the list view web part on the home page. Continued to increase to over 10,000 items and the list continued to work properly.

So it appears from  my experience that the list works properly - as long as the view is less than 5,000 items everything works properly.

I would definitely be interested in hearing from those with other experience on this.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Lync and Learn Follow Up

Thanks to all who attended the Lync and Learn last week. I wanted to follow up on a couple of questions.

First question: Is there a way to get Contacts from an Android Phone to Office 365 automatically?

I have not been able to find an automatic way to accomplish this. The only ways that I have seen involve exporting the contacts from the phone either to a file on the phone or emailing all of the contacts to an email address.

Second question: Is there a way to get Calendars from Gmail to Office 365?

This was discussed during the presentation but exporting the calendar out and then importing the calendar into Office 365 would be the way to go here.

Thanks for the great questions!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Adventures in 5000 Item Document Library Limit - SharePoint Office 365

There have been numerous posts on the 365 Grid regarding issues with SharePoint Document Libraries in Office 365 when 5000 items are in the library. This weekend, I decided to see for myself what the issues are and ways to resolve them.

First, I created a document library and placed 5000 documents in it.

I then received this error message from the web part on the front page of my team site:

The first solution is to create a view with less than 5,000 items for that view. I created a Limited View that only displayed a total of 30 items. I then changed the web part on the home page to utilize this new Limited View but wait....... the error message is still the same!

Not a problem, I will go into Explorer View and remove some documents - yet Explorer View opened but does not dispay any items.

First solution: Get the number of documents in the Document Library to less than 5,000.

I selected the 5000ItemLimitLibrary link on the home page (simply click on the name of the library on the SharePoint site) and went directly into the Document Library. The documents in the Document Library displayed properly.

Select the checkboxes next to the Document names in the Document Library (or select the checkbox next to the Type option at the top) and then select Delete Document.

This will need to be done until the number of items is below 5,000 - after that, the web part on the home page displays properly:

Second Solution: Utilize folders. In this situation, I created a folder titled "Folder" and copied over a couple thousand documents. The web part still displays on the screen and there are more than 5,000 documents total in the document library. Approximately 2,000 in the folder and 3,500 in the remainder of the library.

I hope this helps and I am open to any other possible solutions to resolve this issue. I am going to be doing some testing about what happens when a folder has over 5,000 documents in it and will report back those results in the upcoming days.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Office 365 Team Site Mobile Device

A couple of weeks ago, I started a blog series focusing in on Office 365 and mobile devices. The purpose of this series is to demonstrate how an Office 365 Team Site looks on a mobile device and what features are available. As the first installment, I am going to examine how a Team Site looks on an iPad with the focus being the Document Library functionality.

First, this is how the Team Site looks on a PC:

Here is a Document Library with the drop down list of features:

Now, let's look at the same Team Site from an iPad - please note this is being viewed on an iPad 1 utilizing the built in Safari browser:

The look and feel of the team site are identical. Here is a screen shot when going into the Document Library.

The same drop down menu choices as on a PC are displayed, however not all of the options work. When attempting to Edit in Microsoft Word, this error message is received.

A document can be Checked Out from an iPad and then Discard the Check Out and Check the Document back in:

The Office Web App allowed for the viewing of a Word document on the iPad (Please note that this is a pretty basic Word document, so Web App functionality will vary based on the document):

Finally, the Document Properties can be Viewed and Modified (with the proper permission level):
 The next few blog posts will continue to focus on mobility in regards to Lists and Calendar functionality. In addition, the site will be displayed on Android devices as well.

Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Storage Update for SharePoint Online Enterprise Plans

Here is a great blog post about the storage update for SharePoint Online Enterprise Plans in Office 365:

Gathering my data to move forward with the mobility and SharePoint site functionality. Look for that in the coming days!