Thursday, June 28, 2012

MAC and Office 365 SharePoint Document Library Compatibility

There are many MAC users of Office 365 and interacting with a SharePoint Document Library can prove challenging. Microsoft has provided a solution for this with the Microsoft Document Connection. Microsoft Document Connection was included with Office 2008 for MAC Service Pack 2 and is included with Office 2011 for the MAC as well.

One of the challenges that MAC users face can is the changing of file names and some other functionality that is not available. Today I will walk through the use of the Microsoft Document Connection.

First, go to Applications and select the Microsoft Document Connection:

The Microsoft Document Connection application opens.

Select Add Location on the upper left hand corner and select Connect to a SharePoint Site:

Enter the URL for your SharePoint Site:

Now the SharePoint Document Libraries are available to Upload Files to or even Edit:

In this example, I will open an Excel file for editing. To save it back to the SharePoint Library, within Excel select File, Share and Save to SharePoint:

Enter the file name - leave the same to overwrite the curent version:

Select Save and the file is Saved to the Document Library.

The Upload feature of the Microsoft Document Connection opens a dialogue box for navigation to the document to be uploaded:

Navigate to the file and select Upload.

Hopefully this is helpful for Mac users and helps to make their lives easier.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Invitation to Sharing Office 365 SharePoint Team Site With External Users

In a previous post I walked through the steps of enabling external user access for an Office 365 SharePoint Team Site. Today, I am going to walk through the steps of actually inviting external users to access the team site.

First, in the upper left hand corner of the page, select Site Actions, from the drop down menu select Share Site:

The Share Your SharePoint Site dialogue box appears:

Select the security level for the external user and enter their email address in the appropriate line:

A dialogue box appears confirming that the invitation has been sent:

An email is sent to that email account:

The user selects the Accept your Invitation button:

The user is redirected to the SharePoint Online logon page. In this case, the external user has a Hotmail account, so the Hotmail logo on the left hand side is selected:

A screen asking for the external user login information (ie: the external user hotmail account and password):

Then the SharePoint site appears and the external user has access:

Please note: For the purposes of this blog post, the team site will be shared with a user that has a Hotmail address. A Hotmail or email address is required for external access to the team site.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Disable SharePoint Designer Access Office 365

SharePoint Designer is a free tool available from Microsoft that allows for more advanced development of SharePoint sites. However in some cases, clients have asked to disable SharePoint Designer access for Site Owners and Designers (Note: Site Collection Administrators will always be able to edit in SharePoint Designer). The good news is that this is an easy modification to make.

First, let's look at the current Site Actions drop down menu on my Office 365 SharePoint site:

Notice how Edit in SharePoint Designer is an option.

To remove this an an option, select Site Actions and then on the drop down select Site Settings:

Select SharePoint Designer Settings and the following options appear:

Uncheck the Allow Site Owners and Designers to use SharePoint Designer in this Site Collection. There are several other customizations regarding SharePoint Designer development that can be set here as well. For more information on these settings click here.

Now, the SharePoint Designer option will no longer appear in the Site Actions drop down list for Site Owners and Designers. 


Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Share Office 365 SharePoint Site with External Users

This is a question that I am asked frequently and I thought I would document the solution.

First, navigate to the Office 365 SharePoint site:

On the upper left hand corner, select Site Actions and then select Site Settings:

Under Site Collection Administration, select Site Collection Features:

Look for External User Invitations feature and select Activate:

Now external user invitations can be sent out for the Office 365 SharePoint Site.